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Iain Abernethy
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A day in the life of a fulltime judoka (great video!)

A superb motivational video showcasing a day in the life of British Judo athletes David Groom, Micheal Horley and Danny Harper. I’ve trained with all three and I know firsthand how dedicated they are and how hard they train. It was a pleasure to repeatedly have my heavy-breathing sweaty carcass slammed into a mat by all three of them ;-) True gentlemen.

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Black Tiger
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SO i concider this a salute to Great Britain's Judo Uchi Deshi OSU

Did you know that Oyama (Founder of Kyokushin) and Ninomiya (Founder of Enshin) were Judoka prior to takinig up Karate

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Most Japanese martial artists were Judoka at some point because of how prevelant it is in the education system. It's very common for for early Karateka to be at least 1st dan Judoka. It's probably one reason why the grabbing/grappling aspects of Karate didn't transfer over to Japan because there was already a very effective indigenous grappling art.

People like Enoeda and Kanazawa were Judoka. Hatsumi of Bujinkan ninjutsu was. The founder of the style I do, Kancho Soeno, was.

Judo is a great martial art as a foundation as it's a very good "bull-poo" filter for further martial arts training. I wish it was something I'd got into.