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Stubbs McGee
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Instructor hang ups

I'm wanting to develop some software to make life easier for martial arts instructors/school owners. So I'm wanting to get a feel for what tasks are repetative and time consuming from that perspective.

These are some questions floating around in my head right now:

  • What business related tasks take you a long time to accomplish?
  • What school administration tasks do you find yourself doing over and over again?
  • What kinds of tools would make your life easier?
  • Do you wish you had an easier way to communicate with your students en-masse?


Thanks for any feedback you're willing to give!

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I can't think of any specific software that I need that I don't have. What I routinely use is the usual stuff; Windows Live Mail, Word, internet banking, Acrobat and Publisher. We have a web site made in Joomla!

What I did when I first opened my dojo was create an Access Database. It's been modified and expanded over the years but the core of what I started with I still use. This is a tip I would give to anyone starting a dojo.

If I'm honest what slows me personally down is working with my students in my way which I aim for optimum efficiency, clarity and professionalism and then having to work with my organisation and seniors who aren't as computer literate as me or have the same ideals of information gathering and utilisation.

This probably doesn't answer your question but I hope is useful.

Black Tiger
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Most Karate Instructors are not businessmen, and run there clubs at breakeven or not for profit. 

i would suggest something that costs less than £50 and with free updates allows it to allow students to pay online or for Instructors to allow it to be a secretary reminding students of insurance renewals and gradings