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Iain Abernethy
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Neil Cook Seminar in Norfolk (5th of August)

I really like Neil. He’s a very able and thoughtful martial artist who completed my instructor program with flying colours. Nice guy too! Neil is running a session in Norfolk in August which is sure to be a great session and networking opportunity. Please find further details below:

Sunday 5th August 10:00 - 12:00, West Hall, The Hewett School, Cecil Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 2PL. Max 30 people, £10 per person if payment is received before Monday 30th July, £12 on day. Cheques to Neil Cook. Please give phone number or email address so i can acknowledge payment. Participants can be any grade but must be 18+ yrs and show a valid licence on the day or you will not be allowed to train. Send payment to Neil Cook, Thatched Cottage, Norwich Rd, Long Stratton, Norwich, Norfolk, NR15 2PG

The seminar will covers the main blocks used within most karate systems: Head block, Knife Hand block, Groin block, Inside/Outside block. The main focus is to show how these techniques can be used an offensive tool in relation to self defence, rather than karate-ka vs karate-ka, either as a stand alone technique or linked with other moves using the Pinan/Heian and Bassai Dai kata. We'll also look at the stances the blocks are performed in and how they are related.

I started karate in 1998 competing in regional and national competitions under the EKKA. I received my Shodan under Mick Blackwell in 2004, then my Nidan 2006. I spent a year studying martial arts in Beijing covering Sanda,Wrestling and a little Thai Boxing. Obtained a Shodan in kickboxing in 2008 once again under Mick Blackwell, with experience in semi contacts and full contact competitions. Studied Kuk Sool Won for three years, worked on the doors for six months and most recently passed Iain Abernethy's Instructor Award in Heia n/ Pinan kata bunkai. I'm also really nice.