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New Gi, when is the right time to replace your old one?

I’m going into my 4th year with my current 14oz Gi. Its starting to "break-up", at the creases etc. I love this Gi, it’s served me well, but scared of getting a new one and I don't think it will fit me the same or feel the same.

I currently have a 14oz Blitz White Diamond Gi, Japanese Cut and size 190 (6)

I have other students who have bought the same Gi recently but their Gi's don't fit them the same.

What recommendations do you recommend and the Gi gets some usage from grabs and throws (similar to Jujitsu throws etc. Although I don't want to get a Jujitsu Gi unless it is highly recommended)?

Oh also it would have to be at Trade prices too.


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The one decent Gi I own I purchased in 1991,

It is a Tokaido one (back when they were made right!) and whilst I don't wear it each week its still a great Gi - 20 years on! It's got a bit shorter in the arms and legs, but I like that.

We tend to train in Gi Bottoms and Club T shirts these days, and get the Gi's out for workshops etc etc.

Sorry that dosn't really help does it!

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If you would feel uncomforatble about your appearance in the gi at a seminar or visiting a friend's dojo, it's time to get a new one.

That's my rule of thumb. Don't know if it helps.