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Open training session/instructors session - Milton Keynes

Spreading the love out there to the wider forum and it's members. 

Every week myself and a small number of other dan grades (3 or 4 of us) meet up for a weekly training session. 

We mostly do non gi pad impact drills and occasionally some kata bunkai or sparring drills and some new faces/ideas are always welcome. 

We meet every Wednesday morning at 10am at a martial arts studio in crownhill, Milton Keynes. (PM me and I'll send the full address) 

without sounding of much like a dating site, we area very open minded group that train in shotokan mostly but compliment it with judo, ju jitsu, wado, goju etc

all are welcome, no egos, no ulterior motives. Just pay a few quid to help cover the studio rent and train - it's what karate is all about!