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The skill trap

Hello I was looking over some old posts of mine and thought this may be of interest to people


I welcome any feedback

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I read your article. With the exception of some so called knife defence techniques that I'm a bit skeptical of, I've yet to be taught anything that is call complicated as a self defence technique. Everything we do is simple. If it's not simple, it won't work under pressure.

I note your point about the left hook being left out, and the kick to the goolies. But would people pay an instructor to teach them something that is instinctive? When an instructor teaches a technique, is he suggesting that the technique should replace the inate, primal, instinctive stuff, or is he giving you extra options to add to what you've already got?

I suspect you are right that SOME instructors teach overly complicated, impractical stuff. I personally haven't experienced that but I've heard of it and seen clips on YouTube.

Finally, some instructors will be better than others. Either in terms of martial skill or teaching skill or both. I guess that inevitably means that some people will get what they consider to be a bad instructor. I think while some genuinely might be insane, others might just be not that good at teaching what the student hopes to learn.