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Very simple question..... What does strength and weakness mean to you?

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Learning about karate as a distraction from practicing karate?

Hi all. I'm hopeful to get some thoughts and advice here. I know this is a bit off-topic from the practical self-defense view of karate, since I'm discussing karate mostly for its exercise benefits. But I suppose it's also a general motivational sort of topic. 

I started karate a few years ago. Once I started, I got very interested in (read: obsessed by) the history of it, the history of Okinawa and Japan, the links to other martial arts, etc. - it's a rich field of fact, legend and mystery, particularly for a guy like me who's obsessive about understanding things. 

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Paying the price for your New-Year resolutions

This is typically a time of year where people commit to the things they wish to achieve in the coming year and the changes they want to make.

11 years ago, I put together this short podcast on how to set meaningful goals:

It is worth a listen if you are serious about your New-Year’s resolutions.

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My road to recovery

Following a recent bit of depression and anxiety brought on by events at work and my younger brother going through a messy as hell divorce, I let myself go a fair bit and stopped training (just to get some time).

Well, anyway, my work chucked me on a Feel Well Live Well course which, after just 2 sessions has got me pulling my finger out of my arse and getting myself sorted out.

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Free Karate Media

There is lots of good stuff online that may be downloaded legally. Recently I forgot where I found this book. I might as well post a link here lest I misplace it again.

Funakoshi Gichin, Tou Te: Ryukyu Kenpo (1922)

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Mentors and how did you get where you are?

Hi all

Recently I had few questions on subject where did I learn my way of karate. So I thought that would be good topic on the forum, as all of us have been influence by someone. For me training with martial arts started after watching Enter the Dragon J. Along the way I had and still have three main teachers who shaped my understanding of martial arts and planted in my concepts and helped to develop my own ways.

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How to deal with "hate" ?

Hi all

First I’m not sure if this is the right section of this forum, if not Iain please move it in to appropriate section if you can.

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My 10 best reasons for not missing any karate training !

Hello, if sometimes you're not motivated to go to the Dojo, you better read this 10 reasons ! :)

What motivated you ?


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Opening of new Dojo / school


I wanted to ask the Dojo owners of this group a question or few.

What made you open up your own Dojo? Did you leave the Association you were with to go it alone? Was it a natural progression in your club / assoication? Did you feel that you were not getting thing of value where you were so it was best to start your own club and take your teaching in the direction wanted to go?

As you can see / tell, I think I am at a crossroads - yet again - in regards to my own training and knowledge and looking for advice here, I think - is much more suitable.

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what has been the biggest reward of long term training?

For me, it's definitely the people. Whether it's my own little class, learning from others, seminars, etc., the people I've met and gotten to know over the years are definitely what stand out for me.

What about you?

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