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Crime Statistics


For your information. I've found an interesting site for my country (Scotland). 

Homicide in Scotland during 2012-213. Alcohol or drugs has a significant relationship.

"In 2012-13, there were 62 cases of homicide involving 62 victims. This represents a decrease of 31 victims from 2011-12. There were 83 persons accused of homicide in Scotland in 2012-13.

Over the last 10 years, the most common method of killing has consistently been with a sharp instrument. In 2012-13, of the 51 persons accused of homicide, for whom the alcohol and drug status was known, 71% were reported to have been drunk and/or under the influence of drugs at the time."


The Scottish Government site also provides the base data sets that can be browsed and filtered.

For homicide http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Resource/0043/00435280.pdf

"For 47 of the homicide victims recorded in 2012-13, the main accused was  known to them either as an acquaintance (56%), a partner or ex-partner (15%) or  a relative (7%). Seven victims were killed by a stranger, 11% of all victims. For  the remaining 11% of victims in solved cases, the relationship of the main  accused and victim was unknown."

Having this type of data on hand is an essential tool to aid your teaching.

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Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for sharing that Ally. Very intresting.