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The Foot Fist Way ft. Danny McBride

Has anybody seen this?

If you don't have a problem laughing at the martial arts, this is a good movie to watch.

It's basically about a ridiculous tae kwon do instructor who takes everything very seriously about TKD and runs into some of the issues lots of instructors - or me, at least - have witnessed. 

I think it's hilarious, but other martial artists I've come across are not fans of this movie at all. 

Lee Richardson
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I've seen it and I'm afraid I'm with the others - it just didn't do it for me.  I bought the DVD, sight unseen, on the strength of the trailers I'd seen. I wanted to like it, but couldn't raise a smile from it. I bought Napoleon Dynamite on account of the hype and got a similar result. I used to work in Marketing, I really should know better than to trust advertising.

Raging Phoenix is much more my speed.

(Sorry for being a killjoy, but you did ask).

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I've seen it and I thought it was very funny. When I finally sat down to watch it my expectations were quite low as I thought it looked a bit naff from the cover but I was pleasantly surprised and had a chuckle. It was a bit silly in places but I thought the guy who played Fred Simmons was very good. I think it has the potential to become a cult film classic!

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I agree with you Randall. I thought it was great but then again I knew it was a spoof of MA going into it. I saw things that reminded me of myself  (when I was much younger and dumber) in a few parts. A few parts reminded of  a other  MA'ists I've met along my journey. My favorite part is at the end, when Julio is left in charge of the testing. That kid cracked me up...

     ". . . I said, LINE UP!"

I know a few folks who have seen the movie and hated it. But then again they were expecting it to be the next karate Kid...

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I found it funny. Reminded me of alot of dojo/dojang I've been to. Julio was great.

Give a kid some power and you will see how kids see you!

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I couldn't stop laughing! Danny Mcbride is awesome.

The sad thing is that I know instructors just like him.