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MMA fan takes down murderer


Found an interesting article, http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/cagewriter/post/Watching-MMA-helps-man-disarm-an-alleged-murdere?urn=mma-321197.  Everything seemed to end well, he gets to see a UFC fight with Dana White, but it outlines the pros and cons of grappling in a self protection situation.  Thankfully, he did have police there!  We do not have all the details, but thought this may make an interesting hypothetical case study of what to do/not to do. 

Neil Cook
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Can't really fault the guy, he did what he thought was best in a very bad situation. If the police weren't there it may have been worse. Lets look at what happened before, guys comes on train and already he had a bad feling, guy starts to act violently with police present. Gavin DeBecker (Gift of Fear) would have suggested that all the signs were there and that moving down the train away from the guys would have been a good idea.

Gavin Mulholland
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I wasn't clear if he was defending others and went to take the guy down or was he attacked and defended himself?  No difference in terms of the outcome but slightly different on the 'hero' stakes.

Good guy though, very humble and great to see a 'civvie' taking out the bad guy.

It was funny to see that he was as bemused at the oblique MMA reference as I was.