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Iain Abernethy
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Pocket One Punch Knockout iphone App

Message from Peter Consterdine: I just wanted to let everyone know that I was finally coerced into an ‘App’ together, which is titled “Pocket One Punch Knockout” It’s available as a download from Apple iTunes on the iPhone and iPad.

This app is a detailed explanation of the ‘Double-Hip’ system for developing that one-shot, knockout strike, but it also goes into the dynamics of ‘Powerstrike’ combinations, demonstrating how transitions between power punching and kicking is achieved.

This film was made with Ricky Manetta, one of the BCA’s Senior Instructors and a Head Co-ordinator for the UFC.

It’s difficult recommending my own app, but it has tremendous instructional value if you really want to know how to put an opponent down with one hit.

This system works in the street and in full-contact competitions, so there is something for the competitive and practical martial artist.

Peter Consterdine