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Scenario Training

Been doing alot of scenario training in my classes recently and got some good results from it but i would like some help in to making it more efective. does anyone have any good ideas for scenario training drills? or a can reommend any good resources

as an example, what i had the students do in last night's class:

partner A has a focus mitt on and squares up to partner B. Partner A can shout at and shove partner B arounda little while partner A tries to keep distance,. at any moment Partner A can rasie the focus mitt and this is  time for Partner B to attack with a pre determined technique (in this case it was a hook, followed by a kick to the groin) and escape.

quite basic and i hope the description is easy to follow. in later weeks we will be adding, talking them down, and verbal triggers for the defender (i.e. if you say calm down 3 times and there is no change in behaviour, then it is time to hit)

any help that you guys can give me in this area of training would be great,


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Hi Finlay

I wouldn't personally describe that as scenario training, I'd describe that as padwork! 

I'd suggest a few things if this is as far as you want to take it/are able to take it:

!. Avoid "calm down" - it's patronising and likely to escalate a situation.  Instead let them choose the language but work on tone and body language plus positioning.  You can then have the attacker cause the preempt by a body language cue.

2. Practice distraction techniques before the hits such as open ended questions or eye flickers to the side or behind (always to the opposite side of the intended preempt).

3. Have the padholder give feedback on telegraphs, or move to hit with free hand if telegraph obvious - this can bring a game element to it but really focuses both people on body language.

Hope that helps

john titchen

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Helps a lot good point on the use of calm dodown interesting that you see the practice as pad work. For me in the system that I dot here is enough striking on pads for it to be considered pad work. Style difference I guess

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Hi Finlay - this is how we do a significant proportion of our padwork. :)  So yes,as you say, a style difference.

For me scenario training is actually replicating the scenario and hitting the other person. :)  That's essentially what we move to from basic drills instead of sparring. :)

Here's a warts and all quickie video (I didn't build the possibility of a verbal escape into the attacker briefing for this one) from last saturday, set to an appropriate tune.  Warning, it does contain profanity right from the start.  Just to show that my students make mistakes like everyone else and can end up on the ground.