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Shorin-Ryu in Germany

I'm trying to research my father's Shorin-Ryu lineage, and hoping someone here will be able to help point me in the right direction.

Unfortunately, my father passed away in 1999, so I can't ask him, and only have a few details of his training, but they do kinda stand out, so I'm hoping this will jog some memories.

My father was a member of the US Army, and stationed on an Air Force base somewhere in Germany.  He started training in a raquet ball court with appx. 100 - 150 students, and the instructors whittled that number down to 10 - 15.  Shortly after this, they went to Juergen Seydel's dojo (He was advertising about teaching Elvis Presley) with the intent to close his school (through "tournament") . Seydel refused the tournament, and they rescheduled to a friendly contest after that.

The time frame would have been sometime shortly after 1958 (after Elvis left Germany), and would probably (I'm guessing) been somewhere near Nauheim.

Sorry, these are the only facts I have, and hesitate to mention Juergen Seydel's name, but that is probably the best fact I have in regards to tracking this information down.



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Shorin Ryu in Europe is not a 'big' thing int erms of dojo and number, do you have footage of your father or his teacher/other students performing kata- this may be the best way to understand the background better.

Otherwise I do know of a couple of Senior Shorin Ryu Sensei in Germany, whom are likley to know- let me know if you would like their names and contact details etc.

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Hi John,

as far as I know Jürgen Seydel was the first one who introduced Karate here in Germany. He went to France to learn Karate in seminars and under Henry Plee. He started in 1955 and in 1957 he opened the first Karate Dojo in Germany teaching his knowledge he aquired in the seminars he visited and with a Karate book written by Henry Plee. So I doubt a bit that it is a Shorin style your father has practised back then when he started learning Karate in Germany.

I guess the first Shorin Ryu schools emerged in the mid 70s.

What was your fathers name? Maybe that would help too?

Regards Holger