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Sonbadak Noolio magki application

just going to bounce an idea of you guys

from Jhoong gun the palm pressing block

I have been looking at the apllication for this movment, asides from the double block that is often taught, i have seen people teaching this as a legs break which i am not sure about.

so first lets look at the aspects of the block

- one hand up one hand down

- low stance, long and stanble

- foot sliding forward instead of stepping

- done in slow motion

For me right now, i have this down as a defence to an attempted takedown. so the opponent charges at you and tries to tackle you round the waist.

one hand up one hand down- oushing one shoulder down and one up, aiming to twist the opponent and turn him over

low stance - you need to be lower and more atble to take an on coming force

foot sliding - if you step you weight is on the back foot and you won'r be able to stop in the incoming force-

slow motion -  there is a discussion on the board about slow motion movements,  but might be to work on the timing of the movement

so far this is what i have, it can also be transitioned to a shoulder lock with a hair grab, in the next movement of the form

any feedback on this would be great

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The main application I have for this is the turnover that you suggest, except that I use head down and shoulder up. I can also see it working as a bad armbar. Bad because it's too easily escaped but it would teach the principle well.

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Is something similar is done in a karate kata somewhere?

And if so, has Iain covered in one of his products perhaps?

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PASmith wrote:
Is something similar is done in a karate kata somewhere?

And if so, has Iain covered in one of his products perhaps?

Fair question.

It is very similar to motions in Hangetsu. After the first turn you have three motions where one palm rises and the other drops. They remain parallel to the floor. The difference is that the Chung Gun, the dropping one has fingers pointing to the outside instead of forwards.

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When I do it in joong-gun both hands point to the front.

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Just watched Hangetsu on youtube and I'd say an application for the motion in that kata could easily cross over into the similar TKD technique. They are identical but similar enough IMHO. I wonder if Gen. Choi had seen someone doing Hangetsu when he formulated Joong gun (and other patterns like Kwang Gae that uses that technique).

Also..check out Stuart Anslows TKD applications book. He covers Joong gun and multiple uses for this block.

Mark B
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Hi all,

If we focus on the principles being demonstrated rather than the visual aspect of a technique then you may see this application at the beginning of Pinan/Heian Sandan, about half way through Pinan/Heian Yodan(the arm rotation that leads to a front kick and dropping elbow), the same motion in Kushanku, and the ''reinforced block'' found in Naihanchi/ Tekki Shodan.

Hope that helps


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FWIW - I have this (mainly) as an elbow break (palms pressing eitherside of the elbow joint), with the preceeding moves setting it up. The 2nd set is used to lock the arm behind the back, following the  lock/break!