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Two reviews for the price one!

The American combatives instructor Hoch Hocheim his own online book club, where he recommends certain works he found to be helpful. In response to questions regarding his regular criticism of "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker, Hocheim put up two books published over the past two to three years that he says provide a far greater scientific basis on intuition and survival psychology. Neither book is a self defence book, which gives "The Gift of Fear" a more relevant edge. However, Hocheim is right about the science and research contained in these works and I now recommend both to be read in conjunction with de Becker's book. I think they are essential reading at least for self defence instructors who, like me, have considered TGOF to be the bible on soft skills. Times move on, so does science and so should we!

Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear

The Survivor's Club

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