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Gekisai Sho Kata

Hi everyone

I would like to know about the Gekisai sho kata. I can't find any answers to the orgin or history of this kata.

I'm talking about the Gekisai Sho kata that comes from Kyokushin Kai. I know that in Goju ryu the kata Gekisai dai Ni exist but these two kata are different from each other.

Does anybody know anything about this kata and could you please share it with me.


Oerjan Nilsen
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I talked to a friend of mine and asked about the origins of Gekisai sho kata. My friend then asked his teacher who gave him a link to a web site where it was written:


e wrote:
The Southern Kata are similar to those found in Gojo Ryu, since they were developed from Mas Oyama's training under Nei-Chu So.  Master So was the top student of Gogen Yamaguchi, the top Goju practitioner in Japan.  Chojun Miyagi developed Goju Ryu from the Nahate  system of Okinawan karate, which originated from southern Chinese kempo.  The Southern kata generally involve shorter movements and a closer fighting distance between opponents (Maai), based on the slippery, wet terrain of southern China.  Techniques are generally tighter and more circular than those of the Northern kata.  The Southern Kata include:

  • Sanchin no Kata
  • Gekisai Dai and Sho
  • Tensho
  • Saiha
  • Seienchin
  • Garyu
  • Seipai 

So it looks like the gekisai sho kata is derived from Oyamas training in Goju Ryu and not directly imported from Goju Ryu. I googled and searched for more info but this is all I sould find. Sorry that I could not be a bigger help. Hopefully there are more knowledgeable people on the forum who can contribute:)

Gavin Mulholland
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I know that Bob Jones of Zen Do Kia taught Gekisai kata from 1 to 5

I'm not sure where they came from thougfh or indeed if ZDK still use them.