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resistance band training

I've just bought a resistance band kit and wonder if anyone else is using them? I want to use them for karate-specific type exercises so can visualise using them as resistance against punches and kicks etc in basic form to build power and speed. If anyone has any other good tips or exercises I'd be grateful for advice. Also, if anyone knows of any links to online tutorials of karate type exercises that would be great.

Thanks, Gareth

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A few excercise a I occasionally do, some need a willing partner. 

Sprints - get partner to stand behind you holding each end of band that has been either threaded through your belt at the back or just wrapped around your middle. Sprint as hard as you can down the dojo whilst partner holds you back. Can also be done with a regular karate belt. 

forward stance training - similar to sprints except you just transition from forward stance to forward stance stepping forward. You can add oi zuki or blocks or whatever if you like. Again can be done with a regular belt. 

Restricted pad drills - put the band or belt around you waist and get helper to hold it. Usually I do a tabata protocol or something like 30 secs mixed kicks and punches with the added effort of the restriction. I think Iain actually made a video of this on his youtube page too!

you can also do some plyometric punching and kicking using the bands by making the band hold back the kicking and punching limb, much easier with partners but you could try stuff like tieing the band around your standing foot as you kick with the other but I feel that it could actually alter your kicking away from correct technique. 

They are good tools for strengthening and if you tie the band around both ankles and do side leg raises (either laying or standing) it will increase you hip flexor strength really well. 

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Thanks for your comments, I hadn't thought of putting around the belt and doing stance work. I'm going to sink some Raul bolts with and eye on the end into the garage wall so that I can anchor the bands to them. Used them last night for resistance against gyaku punches but like the idea of doing oi-zuki with them too. Worked well for kicks too so I think they will be a useful aid to me.