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Les Bubka
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Bigger and Stronger Opponent

HI all

In this clip I address this comment

"I prefer to see usage of technic on a bigger and stronger opponent, because it will be the case on street"

Is it really always bigger and stronger attacker? Do we have to train with bigger partner in order to get ready for fight?

Kind regards Les


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When I was young and stupid, and got into more fights than were necessary, I quickly learned that the size and apparent strength of the opponent didn't make very much difference. Two things far outweighed all other attributes. These were, most important first, pure determination, skill/experience.

My own experience is of course no substitute for actual statistics, but I can say that I lost more fights with people smaller than me than I did with people bigger than me.

That said, I do think we should train with as many different partners as possible, at every skill level and every shape and size.

Josh Pittman
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I heard this claim from a brawler I was talking to at the gym the other day. I can't justify it with statistics, but it does stand to deductive reasoning. If you're more likely to be attacked by a person who thinks they have an advantage over you, and if size is an advantage, then you're more likely to be attacked by someone more physically intimidating than you.

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If you learn how to throw a ball with always only the same ball (size, weight, texture), you should not be surprised should your technique fail you when trying it with a very different ball or even a sheet of paper or a sack of potatoes.

Angle, strength and mass

If you have the opportunity it is of course great to partner up with people of different body types, so you learn how to adjust your techniques according to your opponent.

I'm often one of the bigger/taller guys in training and so I like it when I get to train with even bigger/taller partners on seminars. Firstly, there are techniques that work from "above" but not from "below" and vice versa. You might need a slightly different strategy. Secondy, when you're stronger you can sometimes get away with cruder technique. Thirdly, facing a much bigger opponent gives me an idea of how a small person might feel when they face an attacker of my size.