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Blended Bunkai Partner/Padwork Drill

Hello, everyone!

This week's Waza Wednesday goes over a partner/padwork drill that combines applications from several kata--I had Naihanchi/Tekki, Passai/Bassai, Kusanku/Kanku, and the Pinan/Heian series in mind when I put this together, but I'm sure you can find similar movements in other kata, as well. The idea of the drill is to give some examples of how you can flow from one technique to another, across different kata, rather than staying within one. Additionally, it deals with both tactile sensitivity/proprioception/datum setting, and with limb control and clearing obstructions.

Iain Abernethy
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Thanks for sharing Noah! I really enjoy drills that blend kata. The combination of “partner for placement” and “pads for power” is always useful too.

All the best,


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Thanks! I have really been on a blending kick, lately, and I definitely like being able to work techniques in a variety of ways--as we've discussed before, to account for compromises. This particular combination literally kept me awake one night because it popped into my head while I was trying to sleep :P