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Bringing New Adult Students

Hi Everyone,

I've been trying to think up some strategies for getting some older students to start training in my dojo. The little ones are adorable but not having enough adults makes me nervous about what direction the school is going.

One thing I also noticed is that when there are a coupple adults in the class, the younger ones are usually more focused and imitate the older students good habits. When there are only little ones, one class clown can make otherwise well behaved students act out. One problem is my being broke as a joke. I'm not actually the owner but I'm one of the higher ranking instructors there. I'm trying to think of people my age who would have the time and money to start trainning there and wouldn't mind being around a lot of kids or paying $60 a month.

I was thinking about giving some free private lessons there to start some of them out with.

I can furhter elaborate of the situation if need be but I can't really think of any further relevant details right now.

Thanks in advance. I appreciate the time.

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One reason we chose our dojo was their eagerness to have parents train with kids. So I attend the kids' class...and I suppose my karate suffers a bit for it, but we just don't have the time to go to separate classes. So I'd suggest (if you don't already) having family or all-ages classes. Our dojo also has a family limit on total fees, so it's not prohibitively expensive for us all to train.

I agree that the kids seem to follow adults' lead. I've noticed that if I get louder on my kiai or respond more with Osu!, the kids do too (and not just my kids but all of them). So I make it my business to help them stay focused.

Can you fit in an extra 5-10 minutes at some point in the class to focus just on the adults, while kids do a jumping contest or silly walk competition or something to keep them occupied and having fun? It doesn't take a lot for the sensei to show me he's aware that I need something the kids aren't ready for, and that he cares about doing a good job for me.

Private lessons would be good, or maybe offer two weeks or a month of free visits during class. If they come to class, you're not out any additional time or money and they can see that you'll take care of them and they won't just get a "kids' karate" class.

Hope this helps -