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Leigh Simms
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Kata Bunkai Drill Using a Variety of Kata Techniques

Hi all,

This is a base-drill from an application from Annan Kata which incorporates attached striking, vital points, close-range hits, arm-locks, flinch-responses, anti-grappling & kicks.

The techniques shown are sourced from a variety of Kata including Annan, Ananku, Naihanchi/Tekki, Heian/Pinan Series, & Chinto/Gankaku.

This drill was recorded at the end of the seminar in Atherstone culminating 2 hours of training.

It is not intended to be a complete instructional video, however I hope it is of interest and benefit. 


Iain Abernethy
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I like it! You “crossed the streams” and lived! :-)

Thanks for sharing Leigh!

All the best,


Leigh Simms
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If I knew the dangers involved I may never have crossed!