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Kusanku Sho "Circle Punches"

Hello, everyone!

This week in our Waza Wednesday video, we take a look at the odd-looking "circle punches" found in Kusanku Sho, and how they can be applied from a clinch-fighting scenario. Of course, there are other applications--this is just one example to play with.

Iain Abernethy
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Hi Noah,

Yet another good video! Thanks for sharing.

All the best,


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Very good applications! I appreciate how you frequently mention various implied applications of the cat stance. I'm teaching my beginners cat stance (and shuto uke) in prep for the Matsubayashi versions of the Pinans. I make it a point to remind them that from the cat stance you can knee strike and/or kick. I also point out that the fixed position of the stance (the snap shot, if you will), is also a transitional position for the reaping throw/take down. Once they see these various applications, the stance makes more sense to them, and they better appreciate how it can be a very practical "stance" in self-defense. 

Thanks for sharing your fantastic information. 



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Thank you, both!

David, we don't always mention it, but we realize that some people haven't been introduced to the idea, so we do try to bring it up from time to time.

Lionel Froidure
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Thanks for sharing.

Great ideas for oyo bunkai.