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Iain Abernethy
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More online bunkai videos from Tomaz Stanovnik

Hi All

As some of you will no doubt recall, three months or so ago I posted some excellent videos of Tomaz Stanovnik teaching bunkai. If you missed those videos please click HERE to view them.

I met Tomaz at a seminar I was teaching in Germany on Chinto / Gankaku and we’ve been in email contact ever since. Recently Tomaz sent me links to a couple of new videos that were filmed while he was teaching a seminar on Kata / Bunkai principles. These videos are also a great watch. Tomaz has once again kindly agreed to me posting them here so you can all view them.


All the Best,


NOTE: The videos contain a small amount of band language and are therefore not safe for work or suitable for children.

Kata principles Part 1

Kata principles Part 2

Black Tiger
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Was impressed with the Ethics of this BudoKa but the "giggling" did my head in.

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Thanks for posting those Iain.

Again, a nice set of video's from Tomaz.smiley

Tomaž Stanovnik
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Iain, thank you again for posting these, and thanks everyone for the kind words. :)

 The whole video was done during a (obviously not so formal) seminar at our club and the "filming" was done by one of our club members with an injury, since she was the only one who didn't participate. Despite the knee injury, she still managed to keep a positive attitude, which, unfortunately, can also be heard on the video. :) 

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Really love the explainations and presentation. 

Very clear and holds your attention.

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Very nice.