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The path up the mountain

First of all thank you for taking the time to read sorry if something similar has being said before.

when i cant sleep i lay away thinking about stuff im working on or concepts i use in my training, well this morning again i cant sleep and my thoughts went to the metaphor of my path up the martial arts mountain, my path is very different to others which im sure everyone reading this thinks the same but im also sure that people like me have concluded that the goal doesnt stop when and if u get to the top.

what i mean by this is when you go climbing or even just a walk theirs hills or something always keeping u from the summit and then when you get to the summit/destination youu feel invigorated and alive but now its time for the path down or back to place of origin.

again though i dont believe this path is the same for anyone and a downwards path may be misconstruded as a negitive thing but in my opinion this is not the case, us as martial artists know that (some people dont know this and stop at the summit believing thats the goal) and should be striving for whatever you feel is perfection, again though perfection is a endless journey but i believe a worthy one.

thankyou for taking the time and reading sorry if this has no meaning to you or any interest but thank you