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Sasae-Enpi-Uchi Application - Destroying the Attack

Hello, everyone!

This week's Waza Wednesday takes a look at the supported elbow strikes that can be found in many kata (Naihanchi, Pinan Yondan, Passai, Kusanku, and Chinto, just to name a few), and how to use them to "destroy the attack" by striking your opponent's hands when they try to punch you. This certainly works best when you have some space between you and your opponent, such as a sport fighting context, but as long as you can get a hand on an arm, you can work this technique. Personally, I have found this to be useful in my sparring, although you have to be careful with it so as to not injure training partners in the dojo.

Mark B
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Nice work. I teach something almost identical, my students are required to defend themselves, and respond against the attacker delivering a barrage of straight punches whilst wearing boxing gloves as part of grading requirements. The boxing gloves serve several purposes. The "good guy" knows he will be punched in the face, so responds accordingly. The attacker can really let loose, which creates proper speed and intensity. The defender can respond proactively - done with force the attacker can still feel the effects of the receiving technique even through 16 Oz boxing gloves. I love this exercise. As training and intensity evolves through the syllabus we then add on hooking punches, which requires a different Uke Waza - this creates an excellent non scripted exercise for rapid delivery and defence against the most common HAOPV. Regards

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Ah, proprioceptive elbows. This particular drill is "gunting" or scissoring in the Filipino arts. I like it but I'm not convinced of it's workability in real life due to the accuracy involved. It certainly does demonstrate good principles and is fun to do.