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Sukui Uke - Bassai Dai

Would love to get some opinions on the bunkai of the Sukui Uke in Bassai Dai. I'm referring to the scooping block motion repeated twice after a powerful spin. As I'm sure most have, I've heard all the catching a kick and grabbing it bunkai but for some reason, that doesn't sit well with me. Doesn't do much to explain why the stance is relatively sideways to your attacker, the other hand, etc. I've been thinking of it from a ground fighting option a bit more. The spin can be seen as a throw and the sukui uke as an arm lock? Trying to work it through and would love some ideas.

Dave Moore
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I like Iains explanation on his bassai bunkai dvd for this move. The other one i tried with this and it worked came from mark carrols dvd and it was used to scoop the leg as you turn side on and then drive forwards to put the person on there backside. Just make sure you get their leg high enough to off balance them and if they start hopping on one leg knee them up the ass and then shove forwards but make sure its on a good mat as they tend to crash down hardwhen they land
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The preperation for the sukui uke has the blocking hand (the lower hand of the yama zuki) shoot straight up in the air as you turn.

Slip a straight punch to your face with the body lean and strike the face with the upper hand of the yamazuki.

Shoot the lower fist upwards: depending on where the opponent is you can

a) uppercut his jaw (my favorite) and grab the back of his head/near shoulder with the same hand 

b) underhook (come up underneath the armpit to grasp the shoulder from behind)

then turn and throw over the opponent over the back leg.

The second sukui uke becomes a straight downward punch that snaps around into a dropping backfist (my teacher would aim head then groin). The low stance can also be used to pin or strike (dropping knee) the downed opponent.

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Tai otoshi - with a grip of the garment around elbow level. Simple, powerful technique that works for me time after time.

Jr cook
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The application I'm using at the moment is one that I have come to really like. It seems to incorporate all of the movement's parts (such as hikite, the stance, my weight, etc.). Some will argue that this is taking a little license with the kata and I have seen variations that are closer than others to this technique.

Facing an opponent directly in front of you:

Catch his lead arm and pull it to your opposite side hip. This will open him for a ridge hand strike to the back of the skull/neck with your other hand. Drop your weight (as the kata shows) through this swing and the opponent's head will come forward. At this point you are in the long stance of the kata and turned generally 90 degrees from where you started. As you follow through the strike your arm wraps and catches his chin, nose, or the inside of his mouth. Complete the "block" from the kata to violently crank the neck. He wll be facing away from you now. At this point usually my opponent's legs have collapsed and he is kind enough to sit down in front of me with his back turned.

Repeat on other side.