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Nijushiho bunkai blog


Hey guys. 

Feel free to check out my blog post on nijushiho. 

Its not quite finished yet as I have more to add to this blog and I have videos filmed for the rest of the kata to write for. 

Also please be aware that some of the info included and even the bunkai demonstrated may seem a little basic but the main purpose of the blog was to provide a resource for my students to learn from. 


All comments are welcome. 



Black Tiger
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Nice Blog

Niseishi Kata is one of my favourites

I've reduced the Traditional Kata to only 2 and they are Niseishi & Bassai (the rest are Ashihara Karate Kata)

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Good start, please let us know when you post more.

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More videos have now been added and will continue to be added over the next couple of days (I have 6 different videos in total)

same link as above. 


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Firstilt I think congratulations and thanks are in order for developing a fairly solid set of applications and putting them out there. 

I'm curious as to why you skipped parts of the kata though? Are those sections still in development?

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We skipped sections of the kata firstly because there are only so many hours in a day and filming and writing about every piece would take seemingly forever.

Also we felt that the pieces we showed were the most typical for that kata and had the best bunkai that would show up on what is a basically amateur video (this was all filmed using an iPad leant on a chair in a studio that me and Phil train in every week) we don't have the luxury of a moving camera man and multiple shots so have to leave the ipad running and move around to accomodate and edit later. 

The aim of these blogs is to compliment my own syllabus and assist my students training. It's also a little pet project for me to get as many katas done as possible. 

Thanks for your kind words daveb. All comments are welcome!

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It's good to see another person sharing their ideas.

I'm doing a small demonstration of Nijushiho applications in the lunch break at a charity seminar tomorrow so I'll see if I can get someone to film it for me.  If I do I'll probably add it to this thread as I'll be working from the same core application:



john titchen